The Product Operations Hub

Created by Product Ops Professionals - for Product Ops Professionals

Core Resources

The core set of resources produced for the Product Operations Hub

Definition of Product Ops

The definition of Product Operations.

Pillars of Product Ops

What do Product Operations Professionals be doing to best support their teams and business... and what they typically should not be doing.

Product Ops North Star

The overarching guiding star for the Product Operations Professional

Resources for Hiring Managers

Support & Education for those spinning up or expanding their Product Operations function

Job Description Template 

Sample JD incorporating the pillars of product operations and guidance on experience, tools and expectations in the role. For free use to any hiring managers, to copy, adapt and use. 

Created by Graham Reed

Career Path Matrix


Detailed career path matrix from Product Ops associate through ICs to Staff level, and through manager track to VP of Product Ops. For free use to any hiring managers or leaders to copy, adapt and use.

Created by Udit Chhibar & Graham Reed

Resources for Implementing Product Operations

These are resources curated by experienced Product Operations professionals based on projects they have successfully implemented. 


An introduction to the idea of a ProductHUB as the single, central location for key, core and latest information about the products produced by the product division, operational functions and interactions. 

Created by Graham Reed
Created by Graham Reed
Created by Chris Compston

Audience-Led Comms


A concept of tailoring product communications based on value to the audience.

Includes the '3-Step ProdComms' framework



Lean Capability Canvas


The Lean Capability Canvas allows teams to map and discuss areas of improvement and will lead them to building a strong product thinking mindset.

What is Next?

The resources and assets on the Product Operations Hub will continue to evolve; iterate in true product management style, based upon the feedback of Product Ops Professionals around the world. 


We value that input to help evolve all content so that it continues to be 'Made by Product Ops People' and represent all of us - use the contact form below to tell us how to improve.

About this Hub

This hub started as a conversation started by Graham Reed, to a group of Product Operations professionals from different organisations, experience and locales. This conversation initially was to validate if the function of Product Ops was maturing in the way those actively pioneering the role wanted to see, or if there was concern about what the role was being called to do, the lack of alignment in the general scope of the role and how much those building new, or hiring into, ProdOps teams understood the value of Product Operations.

The resounding agreement that there could be misalignment across many stakeholders and interested parties as Product Ops continues to evolve. And so, many of those involved in these conversations formed the 'Day Zero Project' as an initiative to bring definition, guidance and alignment on the emerging role of Product Operations globally. An inclusive collective of professionals of all experiences and career pathways, to discuss and produce a number of assets that will be used by the wider Product Operations & Product Management community to define the role, the scope of their role, their career trajectory as well as clear argument on how they can provide value to businesses. In addition, such assets can be used by businesses, employers and hiring managers to appropriately and effectively advertise and hire into suitable roles to provide the best value to the business.

The role of Product Operations is a strategic, yet supporting role, requiring a degree of flexibility both within any specific team as well as the role in general - no business is the same or has the same needs, and so any guidelines are taken as advise or aspirations.

These assets on this site are to guide the role globally into something reliable, valued and comparable company to company, sector to sector, for the benefit of both the individual as well as the businesses they work for.

The Contributors 

The Day Zero Project and then the initial set of assets were created and led by Graham Reed, Dave Soetanto & Nick Potok, with grateful acknowledgement, review and contribution from Barış Ermut, Jenny Wanger, Gabby Peralta, Hugo Froes, Amanda Maxilom & Udit Chhibar

Many others, part of the original Day Zero Project, also provided useful opinions and conversation along the way. 



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Feedback and Ideas

We are just like you, trying to find our way in the world of Product Ops. We are all learning, and we value your input, your ideas and your feedback on what is already here and what else we need to do. Tell us what you think, changes or updates to make, things you agree with and things you do not. We are not here to throw rules at you, but suggesting some guidelines that should help you succeed.


Speak your mind, and we'll be in touch to discuss your ideas (please supply contact details) - we'll only use information just for improving this site. 

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