Product Operations North Star

Product Operations teams aim to provide an environment for product teams (and their wider business) that has the best balance of formal process and space for innovation and flexibility, allowing them to produce their best work without any barriers, bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

In a theoretical, utopian business, Product Operations would be redundant. Every process is perfect, efficient and supporting all interactions equally well. Every team member completes their tasks and responsibilities naturally through habit. Data is available for every contingency, and teams work seamlessly together on functional projects.

Product Operations teams aim for this in every initiative they undertake in improving the way their colleagues work and interact, that eventually everything will be running so smoothly, they will no longer be required.

This is achieved through considered and iterative process improvement or new implementation; guidance to product and business teams on communication, collaboration and interaction; provision of data and analytics; implementation of supporting tooling; and a general problem-to-solve approach.