An Introduction to ProductHUB

ProductHUB is an asynchronous, on-demand resource base for SaaS businesses housing & democratising common information your business-wide teams need 

Simple, accessible to all, on demand.


  • The space for collaboration, 
  • The space for key information, 
  • The space for on-demand information, 
  • The reduction in ad-hoc comms,
  • The reduction in context switching & interruptions.

Technology Stack

Your central documentation space:

  • Confluence
  • Notion
  • Sharepoint
  • others…

Use what you have already!

What’s On ProductHUB? 

Product Updates

Metrics & Analytics

Submit Ideas*, Requests*, Bugs*

Provide Internal Feedback

Product Demos & Onboarding

Meeting Schedules

* Feedback and request forms and workflows may live here, or not, depending on the technology and processes in place in your organisation.

Layered Information

Typically, content should be written with the least technical colleagues in mind!

Typically, most content is for the attention of the commercial team.

Consider what value these teams need to help guide content.


Some content can be tailored for different audiences - such as layered roadmaps

Some content can be tailored for different uses - such as filtering internal and external content to different areas.


For more information, see Audience-Led Communications


What to Automate?

  • Embed roadmaps or tickets where possible (such as Jira, Asana)
  • Embed product updates & communications 
  • Embed dashboards from data tools (such as Looker, PowerBI)
  • Embed pages from other areas of your documentation suite (such as processes in Confluence or Notion)
  • Embed forms for ticket and bug submission (such as Google Forms, Jira)
  • Embed OKR progress (such as spreadsheets)

Embed & consolidate whatever you can to reduce duplication and effort. 
Reuse information, don’t recreate information.

Who Owns ProductHUB?

Product Operations owns the overall setup, frameworks, page layouts and providing the facilities to the business.

Product Management - and other teams as needed - are responsible for the content itself.

Examples of Implemented ProductHUBs

ProductHUB was created by Graham Reed - though there are many versions and iterations of this used by many teams the world over.


Much thanks goes to Koen Dubelaar for his input and review of the material related to ProductHUB.
Thanks also to Cobalt where much of a version of ProductHUB was implemented.